Nature Exploration Mentorship with Harry (aka Nicolas Graybear) ~

You know your child will benefit from getting to know Nature more intimately ~

Children need Nature and Nature needs children. This is a most fundamental symbiotic relationship. You’d like to expose your child to Nature early and deeply, so he might cherish and steward it praying mantisto pass on to his children. You’d like him to be able to reach out for an herb for first aid if he falls on a trail, you’d like him to know the creatures of the forest as friends and allies – as well as recognize the few threats. You’d like him to understand the language of the birds. You want him to be strong, vibrant and resilient… and peaceful.

And, you’ve probably heard of Nature Deficit Disorder, a phrase coined by Richard Louv in his book Last Child in the Woods. You may have heard of the British study that showed toddlers are loosing manual dexterity due to constant use of touch screen electronic devices. And you may have heard the preposterous news that the Oxford Junior Dictionary deleted words like “beaver”, “dandelion”, “heron”, “magpie”, “otter”, “acorn”, “clover”, “ivy”, “sycamore” and “willow” from its dictionary for schoolchildren. To truly learn something, a human must not only read about it, they must also see, touch, hear, smell… experience it. How can a person cherish something if they don’t even have a word for it?

Watching PBS documentaries about Nature provides wonderful information and entertainment. But there is a certain great benefit humans derive from being in direct contact with the wild. Walking along paths through the forest; sitting on a rock in the middle of a stream listening to the tumble and murmur of the water; lying in a field imagining the shapes in cumulus clouds as the birds and insects serenade – you can’t get this from a television or computer screen. Are you old enough to remember Elton John’s song Grey Seal with the words:

“On the big screen they showed us the sun
But not as bright in life as the real one
It’s never quite the same as the real one”?

How can you introduce your child to the beauty of Nature?

Do you feel your child(ren) may not be getting in school the proper introduction to Nature that they need and deserve? Or perhaps you made the choice to homeschool your child, but don’t have the knowledge of Nature you think you should to properly educate her about the fantastic, amazing natural world she is inheriting.

Bumblebee & Lavender smallYou may not know the best and safest ways to approach this new adventure. What is appropriate and helpful for her age and development? How can you help her to feel confident outdoors? And how might you be able to begin to teach her the ways of turning to plants in the home for her own healing and wellbeing? Where and how to start?

Besides how can you be her Nature mentor if you are already overwhelmed with life’s responsibilities to learn Nature’s ‘science’ or if you are not comfortable or don’t know Nature well yourself?

You may take her to the park or even to the woods to play. You may follow guidebooks or herbal recipes you find on line. Still, you may sense that you are missing something. Is there more? Is this the right herb to help her? How can you truly help foster a loving relationship between your child and Nature?

This is where Nicolas Graybear comes in.


Nicolas is Harry LeBlanc’s “alter ego”. He (and Harry) is so passionate about his educational offering here on Grandparents of the Forest and it’s why he offers private personalized mentoring for families.  He hopes to pass on what he’s learned in raising five children, organic and biodynamic farming, biology, chemistry and much more that he’s studied and learned, especially in the past dozen years, so that you can have beautiful memories, vibrancy, wellness and joy in and with Nature.  For him, it’s a little bit like spreading the wealth. Harry taught chemistry labs to freshmen while he was an undergrad himself. He homeschooled his daughter. He taught many interns the art and science of organic and Biodynamic farming. Now it’s time for him to help you, with Nicolas’ help, teach a respect and love of Nature to your little one(s).

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So how does this personalized mentorship work?  What is included in this delightful relationship?


  • You may choose between a one-season or one-year mentorship.
  • Either mentorship will start with a questionnaire. Based on the answers you provide, Nicolas/Harry will design a program to meet your child right where he is and then take him through the next steps of this journey through Nature.  He’ll also ask Elia/Deb to offer some herbs and flower essences, qi gong movements and acupressure points that are best suited to your child’s temperament and constitution if you’d like.
  • Once a quarter your child will receive a personalized Seasonal Treasure Box made individually for them based on their age, interests, needs and development ~ and your hopes and wishes as a parent. These boxes will arrive at the beginning of each season and will contain explorations and adventures to do with your child as well as contain treasures we’ve found on the trail, herbs for healing and wellbeing and flower essences for attunement and health. We will do our best to match your child’s interests as well as expose them to new ideas and concepts.
  • Ninety minute consultations on Skype or telephone each month with Harry where you can ask specific questions about your seasonal adventures, discoveries and gardening. Deb can also answer your specific questions about ways to support your child’s health and wellbeing with herbs and gentle movements, ritual and meditation ~ again, if you’d like this kind of support. Your child can join in on the call as well!
  • Personalized pen-pal relationship with your child and Nicolas (and Elia) Graybear. Your child will receive notes, cards and postcards in the mail to add to his discoveries and journey. He can write back to share what he’s finding and ask questions if he likes. Remember how delightful it was having a pen-pal when you were young?
  • E-mail access to Harry (and Deb) for questions and guidance between Skype/phone calls as necessary and pertinent.

What is this going to look like in your life?

TigerSwallowtailEach season you’ll receive a box in the mail filled with ideas, suggestions and treasures. You’ll find a plethora of things to explore with your child. We will have suggestions and instructions on how to make your way through the activities and herbs. Of course, we don’t want to overwhelm you with more things to do than you can handle so again, this will be customized to fit your needs and desires as well. We aim to serve your family.

You might receive information about butterflies and then set off to count the ones you see while you have a picnic. Or you may be encouraged to go outside after dark and howl just to see who calls back to you. Perhaps you’ll set up an observation area to explore how many bugs and plants are living there. Or maybe you’ll make an insect house on a Saturday afternoon. Again, we’ll make the box to fit your interests.

You’ll also receive flower essences and herbs that together, with your input and help, we believe might be helpful for you or your child. For instance ~ perhaps your child is a little over ambitious or active. Deb may recommend a tea and flower essence that may allow him to realign and slow down a bit. Or maybe he’s had a fright that seems to linger and is causing him some long term discomfort. Deb can help find something that may give him peace and calm.

Together, hand in hand, we’ll make the journey of discovery into a dynamic relationship with Nature: one that will enhance and enliven your life. By taking into consideration all of the feedback you give us, we’ll help you to go at the pace that is right for you and your family. We’ll take things one step at a time, paying attention to details as well as your desires, your child’s likes and dislikes, challenges and victories.

This program is best suited for people who:


  • want to create meaningful relationships with their family, Nature and us, as your guides
  • are willing (eager?) to explore outdoors
  • care about the world of Nature as well as their children and understand that helping one, will help the other
  • are aligned with health, vitality and flow
  • are open to new ideas and perspectives
  • have an intuitive sense that they will benefit from this program and they trust that inner knowing

We have no intention of helping you train little survivalists ~ just great children with a balanced healthy respect, knowledge and love of Nature.

(Take note, dear parent. There are no refunds for this consultation. We will give you our very best advice, insight and expertise but we can’t guarantee results since there are things we can’t control, nor do we want to. Take what inspires you from what we suggest and leave the rest. You know best what you and your family needs.)

Let’s go exploring and discovering the wild world of Nature together!
Price: $575 (US) for a Nicolas Graybear’s One Season or $2100 for a full year of Four Season Mentorship.  Click here to purchase the One Season Mentorship or Click here to purchase the Four Season mentorship.


A portion of all Grandparents of the Forest profits go to supporting Wild Earth, a 501(c)3 non-profit, founded in 2004, based in New Paltz, NY. Wild Earth offers profound and timeless experiences that help children grow in confidence and self-reliance within Nature. They are deeply committed to bring Wild Earth to underserved youth in urban areas. We hope our contributions will allow more children to have meaningful experiences in the woods. As we all join hands and return to the arms of Nature, we face a bright future!