Come enter the healing mystery of the forest.

Perhaps you dream of restoring balance and harmony in your life, with your family, community ~ and with the world…

This way of being is something you once knew, intuit or have quietly sensed and yet, you are part of a culture that has mostly forgotten the beauty and generosity inherent in the Earth.  There is so much healing knowledge and pleasure in the natural world that the ancestors worked with and passed down until ‘modern progress’ offered supposedly ‘better’ ways.

We are Deb Vail and Harry LeBlanc, co-founders of Grandparents of the Forest ~

Grandparents of the Forest offers ways to begin an interactive healing relationship with the Earth:

We provide:

  • Herb based health education for you and your family’s well-being including aid with sickness and chronic illnesses; especially tick-borne diseases.
  • Handcrafted Sacred Forest® flower essences as gentle healing aids plus Sacred Forest® herbal extract remedies (tinctures, oils and salves).
  • Handmade wooden crafts from locally sourced natural materials.
  • Basic knowledge guides about medicinal plant and tree medicine for your family’s use.
  • Helpful information about what to plant in a garden for both food and healing

We believe the greatest source of healing is in, with and through the natural world. And it is imperative to pass the knowledge of this sacred relationship down as it used to be handed down to children from parent, from grandparent, from great grandparent from… the Elders ~ those who remember.

We have learned (or relearned), through our humble lives as both farmers and herbalists, that the Earth is here, stewarding us, nurturing us, showing us through her example and giving to us through her myriad tiny and immense gifts, everything needed to have vital lives.   We believe our greatest opportunity is to live with awe and deep respect for the Earth, to accept her bounty and to give care and gratitude to her in return completing the circle of life.

We believe now is the time to restore our essential relationship to the Earth for both her healing and ours.

Recover your place in the Circle!

Join us on this most important adventure.