The Beauty of Flower Essences as Medicine

Flowers are gifts of light ~

Perhaps you’ve decided to reach for help from a Sacred Forest® Flower essence but you are still a bit unsure of which one (or ones) might be best for you. I’m here to help. ~

SF Yarrow, Pink 275x300

For a single flower essence…

Of course, I hope you are able choose your own flower essence by intuition, looking at our photos and reading the descriptions. But, sometimes it’s hard to zero in on where to start or what you need. It can be overwhelming. I am happy to guide you through a very complete and magical process to find your best ally.

~ You’ll receive questions in an email from me.
~ Answer the questions in your reply and I’ll make a recommendation for the appropriate essence or essences. (Please note: one Sacred Forest® Flower Essences is included in the price of the consultation. Additional flower essences are extra.)

We’ll find something together to honor your individual soul signature as well as your specific needs at this point on your path.

I can also help you through the same process for your child.

Enjoy the treasures from the flowers, my friend!
Price: $75.00 (US)
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“Flower essence from Grandparents of the Forest is extraordinary. After application and meditation I felt an incredible tenderness and softness ~ a real kindness energy, as if it were from my own grandparents. The essences act very gently, the changes that came were slowly and gradually, yet miraculously deep in my heart. We took the essence together with my son. I highly recommend for children. Overall in our life, it united us as a family, we found the time together for spirituality, not only separating. Thank you very much for your work from my heart. Honestly, I will highly recommend your flower essences also here in Slovakia.” ~ Silvia M

A portion of all Grandparents of the Forest profits go to supporting Wild Earth, a 501(c)3 non-profit, founded in 2004, based in New Paltz, NY. Wild Earth offers profound and timeless experiences that help children grow in confidence and self-reliance within Nature. They are deeply committed to bring Wild Earth to underserved youth in urban areas. We hope our contributions will allow more children to have meaningful experiences in the woods. As we all join hands and return to the arms of Nature, we face a bright future!