The Beauty of Nature as Healer

Plants are medicine ~

Struggling with a health issue?  Want to nourish and support your well-being naturally?  Please consider an herbal consultation.  Whether you have chronic pain or illness, something that requires first aid or want to stay as healthy as possible, Deb can help you to focus on ways to support your healing.  Please make special note ~ Deb is experienced and passionate about helping clients with Lyme and other tick-borne illnesses.

Your work with Deb will consist of two phases: An initial consultation and then follow-up sessions as you feel you need.
Your initial consultation will be the preliminary information collecting described below then a live hour-and-a-half discussion:

~ You’ll receive a detailed questionnaire by email.

~ Send the completed form back along with a full length photo of yourself clothed (if you aren’t coming here in person).

~ We will set up a time to talk by phone, Skype or meet in my studio for an hour-and-a-half.  Together, we’ll come up with a detailed protocol.  

~  Deb will be available by email to answer questions for the next month after the call. (Please note ~ tinctures or flower essences are not included in this price.)

~ Follow-up sessions will involve evaluation of progress, tweaking and adjusting the suggested protocol OR addressing unrelated other issues and a further month of email communications.

Your unique protocol may include herbs, dietary adjustments, activity recommendations (including Qi Gong routines) and supplements. Together, we’ll find something to honor your individual soul signature as well as your specific needs at this point on your path.

Remember ~ this medicine is a gift from the Earth!

Initial Price: $150.00 (US)
Reserve your initial consultation by clicking here.

Follow-up Price: $75.00 (US)
Reserve your follow-up consultation by clicking here.

Deb is attuned to nature and spirit while holding an intimate understanding of what it means to be human — through our struggles and greatest joys. ~ Marissa Hakansson
“Deb is a kind, gentle and loving guide who listens deeply – both to what is being said; and to what’s been left unsaid. Her loving support, guidance and knowledge of herbalism and flower essences has helped me to heal some long standing health issues. Her recommendations for what would be best for me and the high quality of her essences have made all the difference in my life.” ~ Lynne Wilson

A portion of all Grandparents of the Forest profits go to supporting Wild Earth, a 501(c)3 non-profit, founded in 2004, based in New Paltz, NY. Wild Earth offers profound and timeless experiences that help children grow in confidence and self-reliance within Nature. They are deeply committed to bring Wild Earth to underserved youth in urban areas. We hope our contributions will allow more children to have meaningful experiences in the woods. As we all join hands and return to the arms of Nature, we face a bright future!