When we were cubs ~ and later when we had cubs of our own ~

When young, Nicolas Graybear spent much time digging roots, collecting berries and enjoying his wild companions.  (Except snakes – he didn’t like snakes back then, but now he knows how important they are.)   But, he got lost in a dream that he could find ONE ingredient in each of the plants he loved that could heal.  It only took nearly a lifetime for him to understand that it is the whole plant… and its community… that heals.

Harry&BabyJessie72As a young cub Nicolas explored Nature and reveled in her bounty and beauty.  Later, as he raised his own cub, he got caught up in the more modern world around him and lost touch with Nature because of his busy life.  He neglected to teach his cub many important things that she needed to know and now, he wants to correct that oversight… a thousand-fold.

Meanwhile, Elia spent much of her life inside of caves.  She did not explore the outdoors as a cub, but at the young age of 16, she went to Alaska to visit her brother and fell in love with the wild expanse of the mountains, glaciers and ocean.  She felt more at home there than anywhere she had traveled.  She moved to Alaska and then onto other mountain ranges in New York and Massachusetts.Deb&BabyHannah72

She spent most of her adult life focused on raising her four cubs and caring for others in the forest.  She communed with the Spirit of the land in her own quiet and internal ways. For Elia, all the world is alive and singing!

Elia’s first two cubs spent much of their time in the great outdoors – and still do – one even climbed Denali!  Elia witnessed the positive effect that this connection to Nature had on their lives and when she moved to the Appalachians, she too wanted to bring this connection with Nature to others… a thousand-fold.

Nicolas and Elia hope to share their knowledge and experience of the wild with you!

Will you join them in an adventure of discovery and exploration!

They’ll meet you in the Sacred Forest!