Great Mother Mentorship with Deb (aka Elia Graybear) ~

Wouldn’t you love to connect to this good green earth and the heavens and be restored?

butterflyImagine gliding through parenthood being well rested and prepared to meet each day. Your children are enthusiastic, curious and they feel safe in the world because they’ve learned to connect to the abundance of the Universe. You’ve shown them how and you, too, are vibrant and healthy. At the end of each day, you have a reserve of energy to do creative things for yourself and maybe to meet the special people in your life with authenticity and love.

And here you are. While you might be living some of these dreams you may also feel depleted at times. You may not have enough energy to fully support yourself or your family. You may feel alone. What you hoped for and dreamed about mothering is far from the reality because of the amount of work asked of you – every single day.

Where do we turn to find vital energy?

Being a mother is a huge responsibility. You may do yoga, eat healthy foods, take naps and even read a chapter of a good book to rejuvenate, but you probably still feel exhausted. Every time you sit down, someone calls out and asks you for one more thing. Some days, all you have are a few stolen moments and they aren’t enough to sustain you. And, the world keeps demanding your attention as well. It’s not like everything else stops so you can be attentive to your child.

I remember ~ I’m a mom of four and I have a stepdaughter. Looking back, it’s all kind of a blur. Sometimes I wonder how I did it? Other times, I feel remorse for all I didn’t do. Yep, all of my children have grown up ~ my youngest is about to graduate from college this June.

Along the way, I learned some things by trial and error. Much of the wisdom I discovered came from the woods near our home ~ there I listened to my heart and began to trust myself. I learned how to receive the gifts of the Great Mother from flowers, trees, spring water and silence. Although herbal and qi gong classes taught me knowledge, the most important lessons came to me directly from connecting to the energy of the earth as well as the inspirations of the heavens.

blueberryhandIn the Great Mother Mentorship I’ll show you how to receive the abundance of Nature ~

Because I struggled, became depleted and my health suffered, it is important to me to pass on what I’ve learned. I hope I can help you avoid some of the suffering my family and I lived because I didn’t take better care of myself and then couldn’t be available for them (or myself) in the ways I wanted.

During the mentorship with me, you will ~

  • Learn ways to care for you and your family by turning to plants for help ~ the way of the Great Mother.
  • Begin to harmonize with the natural flow of the Great Mother as she courses through your body and come to recognize the flow in your family as well.
  • Learn simple qi gong movements and acupressure points based on the five elements of Nature to aid your health as well as deepen connections to earth and heaven.
  • Use flower essences as attunements to your spiritual and emotional needs.
  • Explore ways of introducing your young children to Nature right in your home by helping them to find animal and plant allies and helping them to understand how Nature provides for their needs ~ food, shelter, medicine as well as community so they find this source of energy directly.
  • Find ways to experience the energy of the Great Mother with your family right outside your doorstep by listening to birdsong, watching weather patterns and turning with the moon and the seasons so you find peace in the harmony and rhythm. You’ll become ‘members’ again.

Here’s how it works ~

Your family will receive a box in the mail which will be filled with a guidebook of suggestions for the season ~ suggestions of ways to connect to the earth and the heavens, ideas for the best healing foods, what herbs to have on hand as the seasons change and what movements and sounds will strengthen your bodies. There will be sweet simple ways to be with your child in Nature ~ perhaps just sitting together and listening to the birds or going out on the deck at night and howling together like dogs.

There will also be some sweet treasures from Nature for your child as well as dried herbs and flower essences for your families use. There may be dried roses to put beside your bed and dried lavender to add to your black tea in the morning. Your child may receive a bird feather to hold in her hand or a milkweed pod so she can see the silken magic of the world. Oh, I should stop, I shouldn’t say more ~ it’s kind of a surprise.

CalendulaOil-72As you explore the contents of the box, I will be available for one ninety-minute consultation by Skype per month as well as available through email. Perhaps your child has an earache and you want to know how to help them holistically? Perhaps you want to grow an edible flower garden with your toddler? Perhaps you’d like to co-design a monthly ritual in harmony with your cycle? Maybe you need a custom flower essence to help you through the dark days of winter? Or maybe I’ll send you an extra package of organic hibiscus flowers for you to make into a tea to sip in the heat of the summer?

Hand in hand, I’ll be here for you in the ways that community elders, grandparents and parents were historically. We need this structure in our lives again; we can’t do it alone. And we all need Mother Nature.

Deb Back In FieldOne of the most important gifts I can give you is to remind you that you are hardwired to turn to Nature for nourishment, healing and energy and to Spirit to sustain your heart and soul. These natural connections have been lost but it’s easy to find them again when you know how.

You can connect to the powerful energy of Mother Nature easily, simply ~ by being aware of the jasmine in your cup of tea, or taking an extra second to hold a swiss chard leaf up in the sunlight and to see her beauty. You will reconnect. You can learn ways that will fill you instead of deplete you. Some of the romance of being a momma will begin to return to you because you’ll tap into the infinite source of energy of Mother Nature and the spirit of the Heavens. You’ll be able to live your dreams. And while you do this, your child will come along naturally by your side.

You know you are right for this program if you ~

  • feel something missing in your life and you are searching for deeper meaning and connection.
  • somewhere deep in your belly you feel some of what is missing may be completed by Nature.
  • feel restored by being outside.
  • are delighted by the simple things in life.
  • love to be able to reach for a plant, the right plant, when in need.

The energy of the Great Mother will pass on to you, dear momma ~ strength for the days when you don’t think you can go on, courage for the dark moments in the middle of the night, space for your blessed holy heart and hope ~ hope for the evolving soul of you ~ and your family ~ and this planet.

(Take note, dear kind parent. There are no refunds for this consultation. We will give you our very best advice, insight and expertise but we can’t guarantee results since there are things we can’t control, nor do we want to. Take what inspires you from what we suggest and leave the rest. You know best what you and your family needs.)

Remember ~ you are supported by the whole world.

Join me in discovery and accept the nourishment of the Great Mother!

Price: $575 (US) for One Season of the Great Mother Mentorship or $2100 for a full year (a discounted rate).
Click here to purchase One Season of the Great Mother Mentorship or Click here to purchase the Four Season Mentorship of the Great Mother.


Working with her I felt “heard” and understood. Over the years she has impressed me with her knowledge and experience. One of the most profound lessons Deb taught me was how to look to nature to find powerful messages about life and spirituality. I have a newfound appreciation for the harmony and goodness in nature and know how to use its gifts to sooth my soul.
~ Ann
Deb is a skilled and inspired teacher, companion and guide. She has heart, humor, and humility.
~ Elizabeth – mother, author and guide
She has guided me, and those in my life, through difficult times: creating a peaceful space, embracing us with wise, understanding words, and simply being present. Deb’s spiritual nature has provided her with a healing gift. Her warm, open, trusting nature endears her to everyone she meets — children, adults, and seniors.
~ Robbie – mother and pre-school teacher

A portion of all Grandparents of the Forest profits go to supporting Wild Earth, a 501(c)3 non-profit, founded in 2004, based in New Paltz, NY. Wild Earth offers profound and timeless experiences that help children grow in confidence and self-reliance within Nature. They are deeply committed to bring Wild Earth to underserved youth in urban areas. We hope our contributions will allow more children to have meaningful experiences in the woods. As we all join hands and return to the arms of Nature, we face a bright future!