How to chose an essence to aid you ~


SF Rose,'The Fairy' 275x300

To turn to flowers as a healing ally, begin to ask yourself questions so that you select the most appropriate helper. What healing do you need, dear friend? Or what do you sense would be beneficial to your child? Is calming needed? Or energy? Acceptance? Openness to Love? Protection? Clearing?

~  First connect to the flowers by looking at these pictures.
~  Drink in their beauty and see how you feel as you look at each picture. Which ones speak to you? Do any of them make you feel lighter? Energized? Did you breathe a sigh of relief or feel washed by peace?
~  Notice your responses. Notice your needs.
~  Sit quietly and imagine the woods where these beauties grow. Imagine yourself surrounded by them growing in the wild. Ah, breathe in the healing breath of Nature already.
~  Then look at the flowers again. Which ones resonate with you?
~  After you’ve chosen a flower, click on the picture. You will be offered another page where you’ll find a description of the flower and the gift that it brings. This gift is its signature.
~  Does it feel like it offers you something you need? Is it a match?
~  If not, come back and select another.

Mary wrote:
“I wanted to thank you for the special relationship you’ve developed with these beautiful flower beings. I especially appreciate the Meditation you provide for using the Essence. It is the loveliest approach I have found. Thank you for including it.”

Stay in your heart during this process. Trust your intuition. One of Nature’s most beautiful gifts to us is her ability to help us to either stay in our heart or to get back to it if we are out of alignment. The plants offer themselves to you for your healing by way of this heart connection.

You might be interested to know a little about the process of making our flower essences.

Still need help? Consider a flower essence consultation with Deb. Click here for more information.

Enjoy the gift from the flowers!

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Last night I was lying in bed watching a movie about Yogananda and suddenly I smelled roses. I sat up and it dissipated, when I lied back down it returned. It was so distinct. It reminded me of the smell of a special rose incense I have. I thought for a moment maybe my son lit some incense but he was asleep. It went away after a few minutes and I was thinking it was coming from Yogananda’s energy, which might have been part of it but then I remembered I had taken the Fairy Rose flower essence from you at Sacred Forest a few hours ago!! Wow, what an experience of transcendent love! Thank you! ~ Rachel


So tickled to open the box and find secret treasures tucked in with my flower essence from Grandparents of the Forest. Little delights for the spirit, and I felt so much care and love wrapped up with the beautiful Elderberry essence. Loved the photo with description, too. Harry and Deb, thank you for all the beauty and nourishment! I’ve worked with flower essences for years, but never have I felt so much sweet energy before I even opened the bottle. ~ Claire