A Sacred Forest Bouquet in a Bottle ~ custom flower essence blend

Give a beautiful, personalized gift for someone you love ~

SF Dwarf LarkspurGiving flowers is another way of saying, “I see you and I love you.” When you give flower essences to someone you care about, you are doing that and you are giving the gift of gentle energy medicine. You are also giving the gift of delight – because who doesn’t love to find an unexpected box in the mail!

Our Sacred Forest Flower Essences are made from the woodland and field flowers near our home in the Appalachian Mountains. Each essence offers a unique gift for us to align with and attune to for healing and wellbeing.

When should I give flower essences?

SF Spring Beauty 275x230Anytime you might send flowers! — to mark a birth or a birthday, a significant transition, a celebration, a loss. A pregnant mother might have a special blend made to anoint her baby, welcoming him to the world.  Or friends might give this as a shower gift for the mother-to-be. A custom blend of flower essences can be a thoughtful gift to a friend going through a breakup or divorce. A bride might give every bridesmaid in her wedding party a different signature flower essence blend. A grandmother might want to recognize her granddaughter’s menarche with flower essences representing her wishes for this next phase of life. There are also flower essences that can be a support through grief; when someone close loses a loved one, a custom blend of flower essences can be a gentle gesture of kindness. And, always, there is Mother’s Day.

How does this process work?

SF Lily-of-the-Valley 275x300After you contact Deb to let her know you’d like to make a custom blend as a gift, she will send you a series of questions to answer by email and a link to pay for your gift. You will tell her a little about your child, your friend, your sister, your dad – whomever the “bouquet in a bottle” is for, what they are like, what they’re experiencing in life right now, what sorts of gifts you’d like to give (more energy? more peace? more confidence in setting boundaries?…). Deb’s questions will steer you and you don’t need to share more than you’d like. She will dream on your answers and will, the next day, prepare a blend of the Sacred Forest Flower Essences that will be most fitting for your gift.

The bottle will be beautifully packaged and mailed with a note from you, and a message from Deb, explaining the gifts of each flower essence chosen for the blend. (Please note: one Sacred Forest® Flower Essence blend is included in the price of the consultation. Additional flower essences are extra.) 

This, dear friend,  is one of my favorite offerings on Grandparents of the Forest. I feel like I’m back on the farm making wedding bouquets – but dressed in a chemists apron while I measure the essences into your bottle.

Come join me. Let’s make magic!

For information about how we make our essences please go here.
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A delightful bouquet of essences await you!
Price: $85.00 (US) Reserve your consultation by clicking here.

I stood in the kitchen, trying to read everything that Deb had included, all of her handwritten notes, and I just couldn’t see for all the tears. It made me feel so held, and seen, and loved. Really. And also like there’s still something precious in me worth tending. Thank you. So very much. ~ Jess