About Deb

I’m some times asked, “How did you end up in the mountains of North Carolina communing with the ephemerals?” The simplest answer is that a tulip poplar blossom sent me.

I was sitting on a small rock wall when the blossom fell from the tree, landed in my lap and spoke to me. “Tenderness,” it said. I understood it as an invitation… and a command: be tender and generous. I was five.

Since then, I’ve studied with meditation masters, spiritual teachers and leaders and danced under the moon to attune to kindness and generosity. I try, as best I can, to make a difference in the world by opening to love and practicing peace in my heart.

Of course, parenting my four children was my truest initiation. Nothing asks more of us. Nothing takes us deeper or opens our heart more than the love we have for our children. It shows us the way; yes, even when we are trudging through the mud realizing life is not so black and white.

Throughout my life I returned to Nature again and again to ask for direction and to find hope and mercy. Flowers are some of my treasured guides. Trees are my guardians and companions. Being with them, brings me stillness and peace. I’ve observed and communicated with them in prayer and studied them with herbalists.

Here at Grandparents of the Forest, my hope is to share with other mothers and fathers, as well as their precious children who are inheriting this beautiful abundant world, the tenderness and love I came to this world to give as well as the wisdom I have learned from Nature.

Thank you for joining me in this most important work: the communion of souls with each other and Nature herself. There is an ancient world awaiting our return ~

Inside the Sacred Forest ~


At this point in my life, what I want most in the world is to bring people to Nature for restoration and wellbeing ~ both for them and Nature.


My informal formal bio

1978 – Moved from Ohio to Alaska where I worked in Special Education surrounded by the incredible beauty there

1986 – Studied with Scott Peck, author of The Road Less Traveled, to become a Community Building Workshop Leader and staff member at the Foundation for Community Encouragement

1989 – Studied with T.K. Shih of the Chinese Healing Arts Center to become a certified Qi Healer

1990 – Became a Hospice Volunteer and a Doula

1992 – Began attending various courses at Omega Institute with Stephen Levine, Ram Dass, Ken Wilbur, Huston Smith, Jon Kabat-Zinn and others through the next 8 years

1995 – Met Thich Nhat Hanh and founded a Sangha based on his teachings of Interbeing

1999 – Entered into an intense study of Sufism in various Orders and through the years, made four pilgrimages to Turkey

2000 – Entered New Seminary and was ordained an Interfaith Minister in 2003

2004 – Started an Organic Farm, Beausol Gardens and Sanctuary, where we grew food and flowers and taught interns the basics of organic and bio-dynamic farming of vegetables, herbs and flowers

2009 – Studied Flower Essences with the Bach Flower Institute

2010 – Began studying medicinal herbs with Matthew Wood and others

2014 – Refreshed my studies of qi gong with Lee Holden

2015 – Founder of Sacred Living

2016 – Founder of Grandparents of the Forest and Sacred Forest Flower Esssences