Chamomile Flower Essence

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1 ounce dropper bottle, with info card and meditation.

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Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla):  Serenity

One of the oldest and most used herbs, Chamomile is most frequently thought of for aiding the stomach, fever and nervous tension. It was frequently used as a sedative for children.

As a flower essence, its gift is serenity of emotions. As the emotions calm, the body follows suit. Chamomile works from the inside out. It is said to ‘sweeten the soul’ and to help one regain a sun-like disposition.

For use as a sleep and digestive aid, Chamomile flower essence offers a gentle alternative to its bitter tea taste. Working on an energetic level, like all flower essences, it imparts its gift gently like hearing the sweet sound of a soft lullaby.

For children ~ it will be especially helpful at times when they are over stimulated or sleepless. It will calm them and help them feel as if they are gently rocked in the arms of nature.


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