Flower Essences

Heidi wrote:
“The Mountain Laurel essence is gentle but very powerful. I’ve had a series of insights while taking it. … The printed guided meditation you include with the essence is incredibly powerful. It really amps up the effectiveness. … When I use the meditation while taking the essence, the arthritic pain is completely relieved. If I don’t use the meditation, not so much.”

Silvia wrote us:
“Flower essence from Grandparents is extraordinary. After application and meditation I felt an incredible tenderness and softness. A real kindness energy, as if it were from my own grandparents. Essence also act as very gently, the changes that came were slowly and gradually, yet miraculously deep in my heart. We took the essence together with my son. I highly recommend for children. Overall in our life, it united us as a family, we found the time together for spirituality, not only separating. Thank you very much for your work from my heart. Honestly, I will highly recommend your flower essences.”

Nature’s gentlest energy medicine in a bottle, for children (and their parents) ~

We make our Sacred Forest Flower Essences from wildflowers growing here in the Appalachian forest and fields. Each flower holds a unique and extraordinary energetic imprint for your attunement and healing.

Mary wrote:
“I wanted to thank you for the special relationship you’ve developed with these beautiful flower beings. I especially appreciate the Meditation you provide for using the Essence. It is the loveliest approach I have found. Thank you for including it.”

If you don’t already have a flower essence in mind, just look at the flowers and let one (or more) choose you. For a little more detail in this process, visit this page.
If you feel stuck, you may enjoy a custom flower essence recommendation from Deb by purchasing a consultation for a single essence or your own unique blend.

To learn more about how our flower essences are made, visit this page.

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