Dandelion Flower Essence

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1 ounce dropper bottle, with info card and meditation.

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Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale): Hope

Burdens seem lighter when taking Dandelion flower essence and nothing seems impossible. Tension is released in the muscles especially in the neck and shoulders. Her special attribute is her ability to be calming and yet revitalizing which in turn restores our hope.

Dandelions are among the spring tonics and her flower essence works its magic on the emotions in much the same way: they offer the gift of positive energy in the physical body as well as the spiritual body. Our minds turn to childhood fun and play and show us the way to live with lightheartedness ~ relaxed and full of energy.


For children ~ this flower essence is especially helpful to Children who are a bit out of sorts. It helps them to express their emotions, releasing tension and relaxing so that they may return to their natural childhood state of wonder and excitement.

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