Solomon’s Seal Oil

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1 ounce bottle of organic extra virgin olive oil infused with organic Solomon’s Seal rhizome.  Vitamin E added as a preservative.

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Solomon’s Seal (Polygonatum biflorum or P. multiflorum) is a strong medicine for joint and tendon problems, including arthritis. This plant is very forceful in its display of doctrine of signatures: the rhizome looks like a string of knuckles and the leaves clasp the stem like a tendon does a bone. It works by lubricating all the tissues in and around the joint.

Use this simple oil externally to rub onto sore joints and tendons.

Michael wrote us:  “For many years I’ve had a condition affecting my left index finger.  The knuckles on the first and second fingers swell and I have been unable to close my hand into a fist.  My orthopedic surgeon calls it ‘trigger finger’.  The condition has been severe enough to keep me awake at night due to pain.  Steroid shots have been relatively ineffective.  Recently, at Deb’s suggestion, I tried Solomon’s Seal Oil, applying it twice a day.  After three days of using the oil, the swelling had gone down markedly, along with the pain, and I was able to flex and use the hand.  I can now clench it almost completely closed, something I have not been able to do for several years.  I was doubtful, but it works!”

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