Solomon’s Seal Salve

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1 ounce jar of organic extra virgin olive oil infused with organic Solomon’s Seal rhizome, organic cocoa butter and beeswax.   The olive oil is stabilized by prior heating with slippery elm bark and also has Vitamin E oil preservative.

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Solomon’s Seal (Polygonatum biflorum or P. multiflorum) is a strong plant for joint and tendon problems, including arthritis. This plant is very powerful in its display of doctrine of signatures: the rhizome looks like a string of knuckles and the leaves clasp the stem like a tendon does a bone. It works by lubricating all the tissues in and around the joint.

Use this simple salve externally to rub onto sore joints and tendons.

Jennifer wrote:  “I injured my left knee 2 years ago. I finally went to the doctor on February 28th 2019.  Almost 2 years exact from injury.  They took an x-ray and determined that I had bruised the back side of my kneecap.  And with this all of the muscles surrounding my knee went out of balance.  This caused my knee cap to no longer slide in the groove it’s supposed to which is what’s been causing me pain ever since.  My doctor recommended physical therapy.  With the hopes of stretching out the muscles on the outer left side of my knee and strengthening the inner right side in an effort to pull the kneecap back into alignment.  I’ve yet to see a physical therapist.  But I have been putting on the Solomon Seal Salve three times a day since seeing my doctor.  I can feel my muscles lengthening and contracting into their proper length.  I can bend my knee all the way back when doing yoga now – something I could not do 2 weeks ago!  The pain has lessened and I’m able to put more and more weight on my left side again! “

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